Spring Palace is a indie rock band from Fort Worth. Their name is inspired from the Texas agricultural exposition structure of 1889, which was destroyed in a massive fire two seasons after being built.

After the birth of his son, and a five year break from music, Chase Johnson began writing songs and passing around acoustic demos to friends and local musicians. Jacob Jones, a high school friend and former bandmate from the short lived group The Noble Chocolatiers, joined first on bass and backing vocals. Rounding out the trio is newcomer Seth Gamez on drums. Chase met Seth at a Denver Williams album release show, when they struck up a conversation because Seth was wearing a hat from the Dallas based band Duell. 

Spring Palace’s music has been described as a throwback to the catchy, slacker guitar sounds of the early 2000s with bands like Built to Spill and Pavement acting as foundational inspiration. Their mid tempo vibe is derived from the blending of jangly Fender Telecaster riffs right on the edge of breaking up, and a steady supply of double vocals.

The band released their first EP ‘Whatever Happens’ in April of 2023 with the help of Fort Worth engineer Peter Wierenga. The initial tracking was recorded at The Cove in Arlington but the closure of that studio to the public forced the group to move production up to Redwood Studio in Denton,Texas, which is the home studio for the band Midlake. The EP was mastered by Danny Kalb with album art by Emil Rapstine.

Spring Palace has a number of live shows lined up for 2023 and are in the process of working on a full length album, and music videos to support the ‘Whatever Happens’ EP.

Photo Holden Foster